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Q:Where can I purchase SHINWA products?
A:Please contact to the distributor located in your country. If there is no distributor in your country, please make a contact to our headquarters in Japan. Here's our telephone number: 81-256-63-8160.
Q:How can I purchase SHINWA products?
A:Please contact to your local distributor for your guidance.
Q:What is Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd.'s business hours?
A:We are open from 8 AM to 5 PM at our local time from Monday through Friday except for Japanese national holidays.
Q:Where is Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. located at?
A:Our headquarters are located in the city of Sanjo and Tsubame, prominent metal manufacturing center in the center of Niigata prefecture, Japan.  If you would like to write us, please send your inquiry to the following address. Overseas Sales Department, Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. 3481 Koike, Tsubame-city, Niigata 959-1276. (Map)
Q:I am looking for promotional goods.
A:Amongst our variety of items, 15cm long metallic ruler with the customer's messages engraved on its back is the most popular piece as a workshop appliance.  Minimum order we accept for this item is one thousand pieces. We customize scale resolution, length, width and thickness of the item for your ideal campaign goods.  We could also prepare other promotional items that please feel free to contact us.
Q:I cannot find the item I want.
A:Please feel free to contact us. We will be thrilled to assist finding your ideal items.
Q:Can Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. develop a product for us?
A:Please feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to find out our feasibility to meet your request. If you could, please provide the specification of the item you want; that would speed up our estimation process.
Q:Can Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. provide custom-made items?
A:We will do our best to suffice your needs. Please feel free to contact us.  Again, providing us the specification of the item would help speeding up our estimation process that we would appreciate for your plentiful input.
Q:How long does Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. take to ship out the products?
A:Please contact us to find out the availability. For most of the cases, we will be ready to ship out the products you desire in a few weeks.
Q:What is the minimum order quantity of SHINWA products?
A:The smallest order we accept for, for example, 15 cm metallic rulers are one thousand pieces. However, this quantity varies depending on the products.  Please contact us to find out about the minimum order quantity of the product you wish to purchase.
Q:Can I purchase SHINWA products outside of Japan?
A:You can purchase SHINWA products from the distributors near you.For a customer living in a country without a distributor, please contact us in Japan
Q:What kind of payment options does Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. accept?
A:We accept T/T remittance in advance. Unfortunately, we do not accept other payment options at this moment and we apologize for your inconveniences.  As we confirm the payment installation, we prepare shipping out the goods. Also, please be aware that we are charging shipping and handling fee in addition to price of the products.
Q:What kind of raw materials are being used on SHINWA products?  Does any of the SHINWA products contain raw materials restricted by Directive/2002/95/EC?
A:We are not using any substances being restricted by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive for your safety in our products. Please enjoy our products without worrying about being exposed to hazardous materials.
Q:How can I return the products I purchased from Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd.?
A:Please contact us for your guidance. You may call 81-256-63-8160 or please e-mail us
Q:I need a guide to use SHINWA products.
A:Please contact to us for your guidance. You may call 81-256-63-8160 or please send an e-mail to us
Q:What is traceability?
A:It is establishment of a condition that a measuring instrument manufacturer's standard' or measuring instruments' calibrations are being adjusted on timing accordingly to the nation's standard's and international standard's modification.
Q:What is JCSS?
A:JCSS stands for Japan Calibration Service System.  Registered manufacturers are allowed to use a JCSS marking on their calibration certificate confirming their product's traceability is equivalent to the nation's authorized institution's approval. And yes, Shinwa Rules Co. Ltd., is registered to JCSS.
Q:How can I obtain a traceability chart from Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd.?
A:We will issue a traceability chart with a calibration certificate. The certificate is subject to fees.
Q:What is uncertainty?
A:It is a set of possible states or outcomes where probabilities are assigned to each possible state or outcome.
Q:What is the value of uncertainty measured by SHINWA products?
A:Uncertainty measured by our metallic scale at less than 1,000 mm is 0.02mm and over 1,000mm and less than 2,000mm is 0.06mm.
Q:Does Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. have ISO9001 certificate?
A:Yes, we do. Our registered number is JQA-3160.
Q:What does JIS stand for?
A:It is an abbreviation of Japanese Industrial Standards.
Q:Does Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. have ISO/IEC 17025 certificate?
A:Yes, we do.
Q:Can Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. calibrate for ISO/TS 16949?
A:Yes, we can.
Q:Please describe Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd.'s activities toward environmental concerns.
A:In order to handing down the beautiful planet earth to our future generation, Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. is developing and merchandising environmentally-friendly products by participating activities such as complying RoHS and green procurement.
Q:I would like to know information regarding Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd.'s sales campaign updates.  Where can I find it?
A:We will be posting information regarding our commercial activities in this homepage that we appreciate if you can kindly come back and check our site once in a while in future.
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